About Us

We specialize in Digital Marketing for the Cosmetic Surgery Practice. Our goal is to work with businesses to improve their digital marketing with repeated sales.

We have a proven way for success with Digital Marketing.

CEO Steve was in television marketing for 30 years then he was laid off in 2009. Thinking about what he was going to do after a long time in the television industry he began reading many articles about the explosion of Digital Marketing. So with the rapid growth he decided to open his own business in 2013, Thus SteinDesignShop was born.

SteinDesignShop uses three strategic marketing drivers for business growth: Traffic, Conversions and Economics. Known as the Tactical Triangle Strategy.

Tactical Triangle Strategy



The Triangle says: In order to sell something, you have to get Traffic; then you have to Convert the traffic; and Economics means you have to make some money on what you sell.

When you make a profit, you re-invest it by getting more Traffic, and Converting the traffic, and further improving your Economics. And so it goes, clockwise in a circle. It’s a spiral of never ending traffic, conversion, and economics.